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If you are looking for Internet Marketing Companies in Springfield Missouri, you have made a wise choice.

Working with experts will dramatically improve your chances for increased sales and build your brand equity both now and in the future.

As you begin your search for Internet Marketing and SEO services, we would like to make some recommendations.

Please understand, it is totally up to you who you choose for your Internet Marketing needs. We are an Internet Marketing Company in Springfield Missouri, but there are many good companies in our own city and across the United States. Our goal is to give you helpful advice that will enable you to make the correct choice for your Internet Marketing and SEO needs.

The majority of what is covered on this web page in written form can be viewed on the video in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Let’s start with 4 “Claims” from the so called Internet Marketing “experts” and our opinion on the facts. If you are looking for Internet Marketing Companies in Springfield, Missouri you might have already heard these claims.

Claim 1 – “Make some technical changes to your website and you will move up in the search engine rankings and make more money”.

Fact – Many Internet marketing companies use the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal of SEO is to get your website ranked high in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Many “SEO” companies will discuss all kind of technical changes they can make to your website to obtain high rankings. This is not true. Google has changed their algorithm dramatically over the last two years and ranks websites based on the popularity of the website on the Internet and not the technical code of your website. Google has a way to electronically track popularity/credibility and while it is quite simple in theory, it is not easy to do but achievable with a weekly focus on marketing on the Internet. Many technical changes that SEO companies claim will increase your website rankings are totally ignored by Google.

Claim 2 – “You need to be on page 1 of Google to have success on the Internet”.

Fact – Research proves that 80% of all traffic will come to your website from being in the top 3 positions on page 1 on Google. Think about it yourself. Do you usually go past the top 3 listings when searching for products and services online?

Claim 3 – “Facebook and Twitter must be a huge part of your Internet Marketing Strategy to succeed online”.

Fact – We recommend most of our clients use social websites as part of their overall internet marketing/seo services campaigns. But in some cases, these types of sites do not deliver sales as they are more social in nature. Proof of this is a recent study that concluded that less than 2% of orders from participating websites came from social networks.

Claim 4 – “The only way you will increase leads and sales is by having a high ranking on Google”.

Fact – Ranking high in the search engines will bring increased leads and sales.But this should be just one part of an integrated marketing strategy using all the SEO service options available. When we work with our clients, our focus is effectively communicating the client’s message directly to targeted consumer groups online.

The benefits of marketing on the Internet are HUGE. Here are some benefits:

  • You can increase leads and sales while reducing your marketing investments by 50%-90% over offline advertising.
  • Track you marketing investment better. The Internet offers you the opportunity to track every dollar you spend to determine what initiatives are bringing in the most sales. You will usually know if an initiative is working on the Internet in a week or two versus never really knowing if your initiative worked using offline marketing programs.
  • You show the world your companies’ benefits.

Here is some advice when trying to choose between Internet Marketing Companies in Springfield, Missouri.

4 things to ask/consider:

1.) Has the company you are considering given you a free analysis of your website? This is important so you can get a feel for what the company would recommend before you spend any money.

2.) Does the company you are considering take the time to ask you what you want to achieve with your website? If you don’t have a plan for what you want to achieve with your website, you are probably going to fail. The reason is, how do you build a website and strategy without having an idea of what the success measures are?

3.) Do the internet marketing companies or seo services companies tell you all the products they offer and how good everything is and never really explain to you how these services benefits you?Let’s be honest, you are hiring the firm to increase your leads and sales. A true Internet Marketing expert should be able to explain in layman’s terms how everything they recommend will help your sales and profits.

4.) Make sure you are working with a company that thinks like marketers and not just technical personnel. The company you choose should create a plan to keep visitors on your site longer (big factor with your Internet rankings), offer you a service to collect email addresses of visitors through free information and special promotions, develop a detailed plan to have other websites link back to your website and a software solution to track your online ROI.

If you want to learn about the 14 essential components for a successful website and receive a FREE website analysis (no strings attached), please fill in the contact information below and you will be taken to the free video.

As stated before, Entrepreneur Consultants, LLC is an Internet Marketing Company in Springfield, Missouri but our online approach works anywhere in the USA.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our Internet Marketing and SEO services, please feel free to fill in the contact information below and we will get back with you in less than 24 hours.

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